INTRODUCING…Saul Salmeron!

Saul is the Senior Catering Sales Manager at our Springfield location.  He has a ton of experience and customers always enjoy working with him.  He gave me the following answers when I interviewed him recently…
How many years have you been in the business?
     On the sales side of the hospitality business, 6 years.   I have been in the hospitality business, however, for over 20 years.
In your opinion, what makes Waterford stand out?

     What makes the Waterford stand out is the unique way in which the product is packaged.  We give you all the necessary information to make an educated decision.  Our packages include everything that is included, for example menus and prices.  There are no hidden fees so that when you come visit us you will leave with the exact amount your event will cost.  Lastly, what makes the Waterford stand out is the people that work here; everyone is dedicated to making sure we deliver on our promises.  I can tell you that as a sales person there is no better feeling than knowing that all you promised has been done!

What’s you favorite part of your work?

     Meeting with people from all over the world, all walks of life!  Meeting with people when they first come into our facility, walking them through it all and finally the day of the event!  In reality we’re working with people at a stage of their lives that they’ll never forget.  It is a very special time and knowing that you’re part of it is unique!

If you have any spare time, how do you spend it?

    My free time is spent with my son Adam and my girlfriend Rachel.  I also train in martial arts so a lot of my time is dedicated to it as well.  Lastly, I travel as much as I can!

Here’s how you can contact Saul:

Saul Salmeron, CHSP
Senior Catering Sales Manager
Waterford at Springfield
6715 Commerce Street
Springfield, VA  22150
 (703) 719-5700 (phone)
(703) 719-7797 (fax)


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I'm the social media coordinator for Waterford Receptions; a receptions and meeting facility with two locations in the Washington D.C. area.
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