Top 5 Online Wedding Resources

As I’m now planning my own wedding for next year, and having been around the wedding business for over 10 years, I’ve collected lots of ideas about the best resources for brides and grooms.  There is TONS of stuff out there, obviously, so it can get really overwhelming.  If you’re not the type who has had her wedding planned since she was five, and you’re not exactly set on what you envision as your wedding day, the barrage of wedding related “stuff” could make you lose your mind!

I’ll get to the bride-y stuff in a minute, but I discovered a great site for the guys that my fiancee has gotten a lot out of.  Have your guy check out  They have great advice and the site is hilarious.  He’ll appreciate the honesty and resources there.

Now for my brides…The Top 5 Bridal Resource Websites

The knot is generally known as THE place to go for bridal info.  But, like I said before, it’s easy to get caught up in the tremendous amount of stuff on this site.  Their gown search does allow you to narrow down your search, but this doesn’t really help if you have no idea what you want.  However, because of the vast amount of info on the site, it is an EXCELLENT place to go to brainstorm.  Look around and get ideas so that you can begin to formulate a vision of how you picture your wedding day.  And once you get a more concrete idea, or you need help finding the right vendor, the community boards can be really helpful.

Similarly to, Wedding Channel will give you a great place to start.  The one big plus, is that their do-it-yourself, free wedding website tool is the easiest to use and best one (in terms of pages that they give you) that I’ve found.  

Bridal Buds is a great blog with lots of “real” weddings.  The posts are open and honest and give all of the details that a planning bride might find helpful.

This is the professional version of Bridal Buds.  You’ll get advice and ideas from wedding professionals from every facet of the industry.  A great resource.

WeddingWire is the BEST place to go, especially for vendor reviews.  Real brides give their real opinions about how vendors performed on their actual wedding days.  There is no better way to get the truth about vendors that you’re researching.  Check out Waterford‘s Wedding Wire reviews via the link on the left sidebar.

Happy Planning!



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