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My good friend (and fellow sorority sister) Chelsea, recently wrote me a frantic facebook message. She’s the guest blogger this week, since I think that her experience is an important one to share. Head on over to her blog, Chelsea Gets Married, for lots of DIY advice and instructions. Here’s her post…

Chelsea's goregeous ring.

It pains me to write this post.

On Thursday, November 18th I lost my engagement ring.

I had time to kill before my doctor appointment that morning so I went into a couple stores. Then, I went to my doctor’s office. I stopped to use the restroom. While washing my hands, I felt for my ring and it wasn’t there. I started saying out loud, “Where’s my ring? Where’s my ring?”

I went into sheer panic mode. I ran out of my doctor’s office and drove over to the stores I had just visited. I traced my steps in the stores, in the parking lot, on the sidewalks. I crawled on my hands and knees in the stores. Nothing. I looked through my car and purse. Nothing. I left my information with the stores and went to my doctor’s visit.

When my doctor came into the exam room I was crying. She asked what was wrong and all I could do was hold up my left hand, point to my ring finger and squeeze out the words “I… lost… my… ring”. She had her staff get the trash out of the bathroom and bring it into the exam room and she started going through the trash (with gloves on). My doctor lost her engagement ring 5 years ago and could understand what I was going through, so much that she began to cry.

After my doctor’s visit I went back to the stores and searched for the ring for another hour or so with no luck.

I knew I had it on at 9:30 this morning when I left one of my clients’ houses because when I was leaving I went to give the kiddo a fist bump with my left hand and realized that my ring might hurt him so I switched hands to my right hand. I realized my ring was gone at 10:25.

The thing is is that the ring has never just slipped off my finger before. It was a little loose because of it being colder so my fingers shrunk a little, but it wasn’t so loose that I was scared of it falling off.

When I got home on Thursday afternoon I posted a “lost” ad on Craigslist. I called the mall information office and left my information in case anyone turned the ring into them.

On Friday I filed a police report. I went back to the stores to look for my ring again and see if anyone had turned it in. I also called pawn shops to see if anyone had brought in a ring like mine.

I’ve cried so much in the past 4 days. I’ve felt so empty. I’m always so cautious with my jewelry. I’m the girl that constantly feels her earlobes to check to see that her $50 pearl earrings are still there.

Thankfully, Brad has been so caring and supportive. He’s been my shoulder to cry on, literally. He didn’t get upset with me at all. He knows that I LOVED that ring I would have never wanted anything bad to happen to it.

Luckily, my ring was insurance under our home owner’s policy. While I would much rather have my original ring back, it does ease mind that it can be replaced.

Please learn from my unfortunate experience and get your ring insured!

Call your insurance agent and ask how to go about it. You can add it to your home owners or renters policy. You can also buy a separate plan. I sent my appraisal to my insurance agent (who happens to be my mom) and she immediately added it to our policy. It was that simple. The policies depend on the cost of the ring, but are anywhere from $75-$200 a year. If your ring has not been appraised get it appraised. Appraisals are typically $50-$75.


Wow. After I heard Chelsea’s story, I called my fiance immediately and asked him to add my ring to our renter’s insurance. It was something we had been meaning to do, but kept putting off. And I’ve been super paranoid about my ring ever since I talked to Chels. Luckily rings are material objects that can be replaced, but their sentimental value is obviously much much more than their monetary value.

Here are some links for more information…

On Appraisals
On Insurance



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