It’s All in the Details

I’m 110 days away from our wedding. Almost down to 3 months. I can’t believe it! All of the big stuff is booked: the band, the florist, Waterford, (menu and all). The invitations will go out (hopefully) in a couple of weeks.

So now, we’re pretty much dealing with the details. I’ve come to understand (having working in this business since I was 15, and now as a bride myself) that the details are THE most important thing in a wedding. It is what people care about the most, and the details are most often where mistakes are made or things are forgotten.

I wanted to share with you a few details from my own wedding, as well as some details that I think make Waterford unique and special.

Lighting and Chandeliers
I may be slightly biased, but the crystal chandeliers at both our Fair Oaks and Springfield locations are absolutely gorgeous. They, as well as the wall sconces, are all on dimmers. Our staff works with our brides and grooms to create the perfect lighting. So, even without hiring a specialized lighting vendor (which can cost thousands of dollars), your event will be beautiful.

Dance Floor
Our dance floor is completely customizable. We don’t make your guests dance on carpet, but instead on sturdy parque flooring. We can make the dance floor as big or as small as we wish, but we always make sure to do so based on the guest count and the room size. Because of our knowledgeable set up crew, your dance floor size will be specific to your event and comfortable for your guests.

Table/Chairs Setup
We use a specific program to show you the layout of your room, based on size and number of guests. You can customize how many people you want at each table (usually between 8 and 10). You can put your head table on a riser, or not. You can have a sweetheart table, or not. By offering these various options, we ensure that each of our couples enjoy their fully customized wedding reception.

And one last detail…from my own upcoming wedding…

Shoes! They’re flat, as I’m almost the exact height as my soon-to-be husband. His name is Robert, mine is Stephanie, thus the “S” and “R” on the shoes. They’re also sparkly, and my something blue.

These are the details that make the day special. Find ways to make the details reflect your personality as a couple. Believe me, they will not be overlooked.

Happy planning!



About steclark

I'm the social media coordinator for Waterford Receptions; a receptions and meeting facility with two locations in the Washington D.C. area.
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