The Dress that Tricked Me

If you’ve been wedding dress shopping, you know that it can sometimes be a harrowing experience.  In my case, I thought that I had fallen in love with a dress, when really, it wasn’t the one for me.  I was shopping with one of my bridesmaids and two close friends.  The sales consultant saw me eyeing the gown, but it was not one of the ones that I picked out to try on.

I put it on and came out to show my friends.  I liked it when I saw it in the mirror and deemed it fit to show my entourage.  I saw myself on the pedestal and got that “this is the one” feeling.  I shed a few tears, and my friends agreed that it was perfect.

I blame a few things on my emotional response.  It was the first dress that actually fit me, so a big part of me was relieved.  It was the first dress that had a lot of the components that I loved.  Organza, layers, sparkle.  It was early in my wedding dress shopping adventures, so I was not prepared to put down a deposit that day.  I left the salon, but kept thinking about that one dress.

The dress that tricked me.

My thoughts kept returning to certain aspects of the dress that I wanted to change.  A little less layering, a little more bling.  No ribbon belt, no floral detail.  How could the dress be perfect, if there were so many aspects I wanted to change?  I discovered that the number one rule of dress shopping is:

Don’t settle.  If there are details about the dress that you want to change, IT IS NOT “THE ONE”.

I was lucky enough to find “the one” about a month later.  It had the perfect balance of the aspects that I loved from the first dress, but in the best way possible.  It was by a completely different designer, but was almost like a much improved version of the dress that tricked me.  With the dress I actually purchased, I didn’t cry.  Which brings me to another rule:

Just because you respond emotionally, it doesn’t always mean you’ve found “the one”.

Now, this rule is not fool proof.  It is easy to fall in love and react emotionally to the dress because of a lot of external factors.  My advice is to allow yourself to sleep on the decision.  If you think about the dress and how perfect is, it’s probably the right one for you.  If you obsess about everything you want to change about a dress, move on!  But always, enjoy the process.


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